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Your physical, mental and spiritual evolution require consistency, dedication, and inspiration. The Spiritually Inspired Podcast is kindling for your fire. You can be the change you want to see in the world.This podcast was created to empower you to achieve greatness.

May 21st, 2018    

#33 The Soterian Movement with Erez Ascher


Erez Ascher is a thought leader based out of Santa Monica California. He is the founder of the Soterian Movement which is a social movement designed to save the world for future generations. He is the author of “Actual Understanding”. In this podcast we discuss:

-This history of humanity.

-What is the Soterian Movement and how it will save the planet?

-Soter and Soteria: the masculine and feminine forms of salvation

-Explaining the money system and actual value.

-Working with industrialization to save the world.

-True profit vs. false profit.

-What is wellness

-5 concepts of reality to save our world

-The polarity of truth and illusion

-Incentivizing corporations to enact change

-Using the Soterian Seal

-Permanence vs. Impermanence


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May 2nd, 2018    

#32 Raising Your Vibration with Jayson Barniske


Have you ever been around someone who is such a vibe person they light up an entire room when they walk in. In this episode of the Spiritually Inspired Podcast, Jayson explains the science behind vibration, and shares several valuable tools to help you raise your vibe. He talks about raising consciousness from different traditions and shares quotes from many different spiritual masters that will inspire and give you guidance. In this podcast we cover:

-The science of vibration.

-What is frequency?

-The characteristics of low, mid, and high-frequency people.

-Osho’s teaching of energy and how to transform it.

-Buddha’s teaching on transforming our lives with the power of thought.

-The 4 mental nutriments.

-Using yoga to raise your vibe.

-Explaining the 8 limbs of yoga.

-What is enlightenment and how you can attain it.

-Practical tools to raise your vibration.

-Why is meditation so important to raise your vibe.


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April 10th, 2018    

#31 The Kirtaniyas


Vijay Krsna is the band leader of the Kirtaniyas. The group is a global collective of talented musicians producers and dancers. Vijay studied devotional Indian folk music in the sacred village of Vrindavan India. This rare traditional art from is an ancient call-and-response mantra chanting practie originating over 5000 years ago. The group has traveled to over 25 countries infusing new life to these ancient chants with youthful spirit and energy. In this episode we covered:

-What is kirtan?

-What is Bhakti Yoga?

-What is sangha?

-Why it is so important and powerful to participate in kirtan

-How Vijay was introduced to devotional chanting.

-How can people start their own chanting practice.

-Building a sacred space in your home.

-What is Prasad?

-The power of devotion.

-The power of the sanskirt language.

-Stories about Hanuman and Krishna


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March 27th, 2018    

#30 The Source of Happiness (part 2) with Jayson Barniske


In part 2 of Finding the Source of Happiness, Jayson goes beyond defining the meaning and teaches you how to experience the deepest and most fulling happiness possible. Happiness comes from finding and living our purpose. In this podcast you will learn to identify your unique purpose and the tools to remain aligned with it. Jayson shares insights about where our world is headed and your role in guiding the transformation. The podcast ends with a powerful meditation with water. This episode covers:


-How can you experience the greatest levels of happiness in life

-The connection between living our purpose and happiness

-What is my inner and outer purpose

-What is my minor and major purpose

-What is my individual and collective purpose

-Predictions for the future regarding economics, resources, and spiritual evolution

-The third industrial revolution

-Recognizing your role in the upcoming transformation of the planet

-Learn a powerful meditation working with water

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March 18th, 2018    

#29 Feeling Gratitude with Kiyoshi Shelton


A world premier visionary-inspirational vocalist and songwriter, Kiyoshi has a deep passion for empowering humanity. Kiyoshi and his band engage audiences worldwide with a highly interactive and authentic stage performance, getting the crowd dancing and moving like no other.


-How Kiyoshi started writing mindful music

-How the Yoga scene is growing across the country

-Connecting the dots between Christianity and energy practices like yoga, reiki, qi gong, and martial arts

-Making dancing a meditation

-Why Self-expression keeps you genuine

-Making each moment a part of your spiritual practice

-The importance of gratitude and how to always stay grateful

-Gratitude for self-love

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February 13th, 2018    

#28 The Source of Happiness with Jayson Barniske

Where does happiness actually originate? Our host Jayson explores the true meaning of happiness. He dissects the teachings of Swami Rama Tirtha to explain how we can experience true happiness. He shares many powerful stories and metaphors during the podcast to help you understand this ancient philosophical message and practice it in your life.
-Who was Swami Rama Tirtha and what were his teachings?
-Where does happiness exist?
-The spiritual development of different nations.
-The six levels of happiness.
-The anatomy of happiness in our own body.
-What is the highest self and how do we tune into it?
-How to find happiness and end suffering?
-At the end of the podcast Jayson shares a life changing Meditation for Peace.
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February 3rd, 2018    

#27 Raising Consciousness Through Community With Robert Quicksilver

The Conscious Life Expo is a unique event that brings together hundreds of renowned teachers, energy healers, speakers, and everything else you can think of that raises consciousness. We had a though-provoking conversation with Robert Quicksilver, the producer of the expo. He shared some powerful gems of wisdom gained from over 16 years of experience creating the event.
- How community gatherings help to raise consciousness.
- What is the Conscious Life Expo, and what inspired its creation?
- Hear some of Jayson’s life-changing experiences from attending past conscious life expo’s?
- Who are the most exciting speakers at this Expo?
- Tips for creating successful events to raise consciousness.
- How all spiritual paths are connection and benefit each other.
- How has social media affected consciousness and people on the spiritual path?
- How to make each moment a spiritual practice.
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January 17th, 2018    

#26 Awakening to the 5th Dimension


Jayson and Ranee demystify the 5th dimension and share practical tools that will allow you to experience Heaven on Earth! They introduce their recently channeled message of the 7 realities of the 5th dimension. The podcast ends with a powerful guided meditation teaching you how to tune into the Earth’s grid.

7 Realities of Awakening to the 5th dimension:
#1 Reality of Source - You are the source of pure consciousness. Everything else was just an illusion that’s no longer serves you in the 5th dimension.
#2 Reality of Abundance - The infinite universe is in you. You create the reality you choose to experience.
#3 Reality of Love - Karma no longer exists. All energy and every emotion is entirely based in love. Now we just choose to see it that way. Compassion to yourself and others creates grace.
#4 Reality of Being - All you have to do is be. All you are here to do is be you.
#5 Reality of Oneness - You have everything because you are everything.
#6 Reality of the Present Moment - You are here now. Past and future do not exist. All there ever is and ever will be is this sacred moment.
#7 Reality of Metamorphosis - Like the butterfly, you have come out of your cocoon and completed your personal transformation. You recognize your own divinity.

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January 9th, 2018    

#25 Becoming a Modern Mystic with Indy Rishi Singh

Indy teaches the science of laughter yoga. He has a unique, out-of-the-box approach to inspire change in the world. He works around the world with the Yoga 4 Change organization and and is also creating an interactive astrology virtual reality game. In this podcast we covered:

-What is a modern mystic and how you can become one?

-Making spirituality accessable by combining ancient practices and modern science.

-The science behind laughter yoga.

-Indy shared a laughter yoga technique you can use at home. 

-The difference between pain and discomfort in regards to personal growth.

-Creating change in the world by teaching yoga.

-How virtual reality and gamification can be used to inspire people to practice meditation and be more empathetic.

-Indy shared a technique to take our meditation practice into the world and effect major change.

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January 4th, 2018    

#24 Heal Yourself and Change the World with Reiki. Guest Speaker - Yolanda Williams

Yolanda Williams is a reiki master who practices in San Diego and also preforms long-distance healing. She  has studied six different types of reiki. Yolanda teaches classes and leads online courses certifying students in Reiki. She hosts the Reiki Radio Podcast. In this podcast we covered:
-What is Reiki?
-The history of Reiki.
-What are the different styles of Reiki?
-How has Reiki been westernized?
-How is Reiki preformed?
-Everyone has the ability to do Reiki.
-What can Reiki be used to treat?
-The symbols of Reiki and why they are so powerful.
-Long-distance Reiki.
-The connection between Reiki and meditation.
-Yolanda guides a meditation to ground yourself in the power of love.
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